Here is the new, Patent Pending, B-Blender, which adds B bending capability to any Bigsby vibrato unit, without losing any of the standard vibrato feel and sound that has made the Bigsby a favorite for over 60 years. All 6 strings still have vibrato, even if B string is pulled to C#, or G to G# or A.

$_57To actuate, you simply hook your little finger around the handle, and pull sideways, toward the strings, to pull B to C#. The force required, with .012 dia. B string, is under 1 pound, and the motion is quite easily picked up by any finger style or hybrid picker. Obviously, practice is necessary, but the wide range of positioning possibilities of the handle should make it fairly easy to accommodate most hand sizes and playing techniques. The vibrato is accomplished exactly as with the original handle assembly, and friction adjustment can be made from the top, instead of the nut on the inside of the spring, allowing the handle to be swung out of the way like the original one.


 Featured in VINTAGE GUITAR – February 2015 






I have no affiliation with Bigsby, Gretsch, Fender Musical Instruments, or any other manufacturer or distributor of musical instrument. The B-Blender is of my own design and manufacture, and all parts are US made with the exception of small hardware parts, which can be either domestic or imported.